Legal Head Office:

Allianz Technology S.p.A.  
Piazza Tre Torri, 3, 20145 Milano - Italy

General Management and Offices:

Allianz Technology S.p.A.  
Largo Ugo Irneri, 1, 34123 Trieste - Italy

The Organization and Management Model (MOG) completes the Corporate Governance system of Allianz Technology S.p.A. as implementation of the Legislative Decree 231/2001. The purpose of the Model is to prepare a structured and organic system of prevention, dissuasion and control aimed at reducing the risk of committing crimes by those who work in various capacities with the Allianz Technology S.p.A. (employees, members of statutory and management bodies, consultants, partners, etc.), thus exempting the Company from the administrative liability connected to them.

Allianz Technology S.p.A. - Compliance
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Piazza Tre Torri 3 - 20145 Milano - Italy

Allianz Technology S.p.A. – Organization and management Model