Shape our


We strive to create a workplace that maximizes the full potential and empowerment of our people.
The place where our community comes together to learn, to drive, to build, to feel inspired.
We are committed to make our community dream big and follow their ambitions.

Shape the

When you join Allianz Technology, you’ll join a great workplace and have the best chance to lead the tech revolution and shape the extraordinary future of our whole sector. You’ll get more world class training to help your skills stay cutting edge. You’ll get more opportunities to work on exciting projects and learn from incredible people around the globe.

Grow and

We’re still young, so you’ll be more empowered to try things your own way and shape this Place to Be. You’ll have more influence and access to management. You’ll be able to reach out to supportive colleagues to grow towards a common direction and shared vision.

For creating a stable working environment that allows you to focus on your career through
times of uncertainty

Allianz Technology
offers more STABILITY

We’re a big, secure, global company who will protect you in uncertain times, and give you the security you need to thrive and grow throughout your career.

For empowering you to
shape your own role
and career

Allianz Technology offers more FLEXIBILITY

We provide flexible working and focus on your outcomes rather than your physical presence.
We support you to stay fit and healthy while still doing challenging and rewarding tech work. We offer you parental leave, so you can spend more time with your new family.

We EMPOWER at Allianz Technology

You’ll have more freedom here to try things your own way, chase the things you want to chase, and shape your own career.

For supporting your
learning and development
using our global network

You’ll LEARN so much
more at Allianz Technology

You’ll get great training to help you learn and grow. But you’ll also learn by working with smart colleagues – experts in tech, data and finance from all over the world.

For everything that
makes you

We embrace inclusion and diversity, so you can bring your whole self to work

Together with our global employee networks, e.g. Allianz Pride,
AllAbility and our gender equality network NEO, we are creating an engaging environment, where everyone can succeed.