Their success is our success
and we can't wait for you
to be a part of it too

Driven by one common

We are one global team, with 10 000 committed and passionate people with diverse cultures, languages, skills and personalities. All our work is informed by our culture of global cooperation.
We operate across many hubs offices, studios, delivery centers all over the world, united by a common vision.

Shaping a colorful

Be inspired by our teams and hear from them first-hand about our inclusive and lifelong learning organization, where diversity is embraced and professional mobility is encouraged. 
Each and every employee plays a part in the success of Allianz Technology and helps shape our future. 

We follow the
flow of
new work 

Creating tomorrow by building one community

We foster a meeting culture adapted to the hybrid mode of interaction of local and global teams.

Individual work is valued as well, through official no-meeting time slots.
Our offices are being reimagined as collaboration places, focusing on community and interaction.