Urban Micro Forest

Urban Micro Forest is created in the Miyawaki method.

Pivotal facets of the Miyawaki Method

·       The scalability, which applies to areas ranging from 25-50 sq. meters to expansive parks.

·       Enthusiasts can even cultivate micro-forests near their residences.

·       An essential recommendation involves exclusively using that area's potential natural vegetation (PNV),
        spanning various sub-species such as shrubs, subtrees, trees, climbers, and emergent trees. 

·       The project aims to maximize growth within a short span of time. 

·       This is made possible through dense planting. 

·       The plants compete for sunlight and grow faster.

·       Significantly, numerous sites exhibit noteworthy results within the initial 2-3 years, achieving in a decade
       what nature would take a century to accomplish.

The healing benefits of this method on a planet grappling with swift deforestation are profound.
According to Prof. Miyawaki, we cannot create a natural forest. However, we can create natural forest model in one-fourth
of the time that Mother Earth would typically take.